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Infinity's Daughter


All families have secrets, but Alice’s is something both wonderful and terrible. To most, traveling through time is little more than a dream, but for Alice, it is all too real of a nightmare. 
Without the ability to control the gift, it isn't until she least expects it, that she finds herself swallowed by the rabbit hole that has consumed nearly every aspect of her life. Left alone, abandoned by the only one who can save her, naked, helpless, and afraid, how is she to find her way back to where she belongs when everything has gone so horribly wrong? 
Trapped in the past, will she manage to find her way back through the rift before even her memories are lost to time? 

Kindle Fiction Mastery


Learn how to create a story that sells itself, from the best selling author of more than thirty novels. Work from beginning concept to character development, reader hooks, and how to create an outline that ensures success every time. Compare your outlines side by side with THE ACTUAL outline created for the best selling LEFT ALIVE series!

Kindle Fiction Platform Mastery


As a follow-up to Kindle Fiction Mastery, take all you have learned to make your books market themselves! Learn how to turn them into a subscriber-list building machine that costs thousands less than other methods! Learn the same step by step process I have developed over several years to launch your series directly into success each and every time.

Next Level Fiction Mastery


Building on what you've learned in KINDLE FICTION MASTERY and KINDLE FICTION PLATFORM MASTERY, discover how to use the methods you're now using to reach a whole new level of FICTION MASTERY. In this volume I'll show you how to use your Author platform to gain even more exposure in the upper echelons of the publishing industry and land a deal with agents and publishers.

Fiction Blurb Mastery


In this step by step process you'll learn why your blurbs are holding you back and how to create a blurb that hooks a reader and increases sales conversion.

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